"When good men stand by and do nothing, evil prevails."

This is the beginning of the story of Fua'au - a man who gave all for his family and neighborhood. 


He didn't know what his grandfather wanted. He was too young to really grasp the enormity of what it was he was saying. All he knew was that Grandfather welled up with pride every time he told him the story of his ancestor.

"Listen, little one. This is the story of your name sake, Fua'au. Maybe if you hear it enough, you will grow up to be courageous and honorable like him one day." Fua didn't understand what courage or honor meant, he only knew that they held value for Grandfather. It felt important to understand and good to be a part of something so valuable to Grandfather.

"Hey! Listen. No dozing off while I tell you your story." "You are like a distracted mosquito flitting around from one smell to another hoping for a better meal." "Fua'au was a young, sturdy, handsome man, just coming of age to take a wife...

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