This blogged is penned by my mother, Susie Seggar. A while ago she joined a writing group where she started telling stories about her life. In addition to that, she sends letters to her children periodically. I asked if I may post them here. She agreed. Enjoy. 

Easter Letter on sent April 17, 2014

"Two things Fannie had me learn when I was really small were The Ten Commandments and the 23rd Psalm. They are still quite good guides for living and trusting God. I read the other day that in some areas of life “the right thing” may be as changeable as the moon, but “the right thing” morally remains as fixed as the North Star. I believe that."

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Essay on My Family
"One friend tells me he never claims credit for his children's successes, nor takes too much responsibility for their imperfections--I seem unable to always pay attention to that advice." Read More
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"He always said she led him down “the primrose path,” but I'd say it was more like treading the edge of a rocky precipice when describing her life with him. Granted, he was handsome and somewhat charismatic and probably offered some excitement to her life." Read More
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