This blogged is penned by my mother, Susie Seggar. A while ago she joined a writing group where she started telling stories about her life. In addition to that, she sends letters to her children periodically. I asked if I may post them here. She agreed. Enjoy. 

A WISH (Written Fall 2013)

by Susie Belle Seggar

If someone said “make a wish,” she would wish for peace and money, realizing both are illusive. There have been so many times the need for both has been overwhelming.
In seeking peace she realized it would speak to her with a feminine voice and be comforting. She imagines hearing “Slow down. Take time to find me—I'm not as elusive as you claim. In fact, I think you're afraid of what would happen to you if you quieted all those thoughts of how unforgiving you are. I could change your perception of the past and the future.”
She thinks “that's all well and good for you to say, but I don't believe you. Maybe money would bring more peace than you actually do.”
Money begins to deny that and speaks to her rather loudly: “Most people suffer from illusions of what I can do, you included. Usually my presence is never enough.”

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