This blogged is penned by my mother, Susie Seggar. A while ago she joined a writing group where she started telling stories about her life. In addition to that, she sends letters to her children periodically. I asked if I may post them here. She agreed. Enjoy. 

Easter Letter on sent April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014

Dear Children,

Although you are all mature adults, you will always be my children, and as it's close to Easter I was thinking I needed to tell you again why I have faith in Christ—that perhaps I didn't really make that evident enough when you were all still at home, or even since you've all established your own homes and families, one way or another. Last week I heard someone say “Never be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!” and I thought I certainly never want anyone to think I would be ashamed of talking about my belief in Christ. So I want to tell you today how I feel.

Two things Fannie had me learn when I was really small were The Ten Commandments and the 23rd Psalm. They are still quite good guides for living and trusting God. I read the other day that in some areas of life “the right thing” may be as changeable as the moon, but “the right thing” morally remains as fixed as the North Star. I believe that.

I also remembered how Fannie studied about the tenets of the Mormon Church and the Book of Mormon for three years before she decided to be baptized. She had been raised as a Methodist and I remember being at a Methodist Sunday School for children even after she was baptized since there wasn't really a meeting place for the Mormons in Clinton, Missouri at the time.

Sometimes Ralph blatantly called her stupid, but she didn't just accept what others told her without examining the evidence and praying to have guidance. I will always honor her for making that choice.

Each morning as I read in the Book of Mormon that I gave Fannie many years ago, I see notations she made in the margins indicating she never stopped refreshing her belief and maintaining her faith in Christ. That's important to me. She also marked her other scriptures with many notes.

I think as you grew up I mistakenly believed you would accept the beliefs and value system of the Church, as I did, and as Fannie had, and Ralph sometimes, and as John did. I have no qualms at all about the kind of good, kind people you all are—I just feel sometimes I failed to strongly proclaim enough about living with faith in Christ and God being the better choice in this life. Also, I know John and my examples were not always what would cause a child to think “this gospel living really works.” Sometimes I grieve about that, but we're trying hard in the present to leave hypocrisy behind.

I know that God and Christ intended for us to have lasting happiness, and I believe we can have that if we dedicate ourselves to living the gospel of Jesus Christ, meaning adopting righteous characteristics and trying to live joyful, meaningful lives. 

I know God is in all ways loving and forgiving, and that Jesus gave his life willingly for the redemption of all the rest of us who are not perfect. On Easter we celebrate the anniversary of the most epoch day in the history of the world. I know He rose again, and because He did, you and I will also. Each day I pray that you will “see with new eyes and hear with new ears” about His gospel.

With a mother's love to all of you,


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